Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fabulous Milano

The Duomo was amazing. It is a huge church, about a block long, that took six centuries to complete. As our tour guide told us, the Italians are more concerned with quality than efficiency, and this was definitely exemplified by the Duomo. We first saw it in the morning as the sun was rising behind it, and it looked like it was glistening. Inside is equally amazing, with high arched ceilings and the most intricate architecture I have ever seen. Each wall, corner, and nook told a different story. Each window illustrated a different scene from the Bible in stained glass. I could have spent all day in there.

We saw a castle, which was more like a fortress, that was built in the medieval times. Leonardo DaVinci lived in the castle for twenty years! It's where he lived in the time of his life when he painted The Last Supper. It was such a piece of history but it was hard to imagine it ever being a place where royalty actually lived out their day to day lives.

Have to run now, packing with Michelle for Munich! We're leaving tomorrow after class. Sweet dreams, dolce sogno!   

The Duomo in Milan

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