Friday, January 14, 2011

Conquered San Salvatore and to Interlaken We Go!

Yesterday we had the hiiiike of a lifetime. Almost all 43 of us ventured out of the Montarina in our sneakers and athletic sneakers expecting a long and challenging hike, but none of us had thought it would be AS long or AS challenging as it actually was. It was really steep from the beginning, but the higher we climbed the steeper it got. Once we had literally rock scrambled up the mountain, Brinberg had realized we had gone up the wrong- the expert climber- route. We had to backtrack down the rock scramble, back a few miles, back to a fork in the road where we then took the easier (but still not easy) path the rest of the way up. After another many miles up the mountain, we made it to the top of San Salvatore. It was BEAUTIFUL. We overlooked the spectacular Lake Lugano and charming little towns in Italy and Switzerland. We continued walking down the mountain and through an amazing little town called Morcote. The houses were set upon the lake and worth at least two million each. It was a fantasy land. To add to the charm at the end of the day swans swam up to us from Lake Lugano. It was a wonderful day. Brinberg even treated each table at dinner to a bottle of wine because we were such great sports about all the walking :)

Michelle and I are packing up our hiking backpacks and getting ready to leave for Interlaken! About twenty of us are going together. We're staying at Balmer's, a hostel that was highly recommended by all of our past Swiss travelers. We're so excited to get there tonight and tomorrow we're going paragliding (which I'm terrified for but have to do, so I hope I don't chicken out) and night sledding down the Alps. We have a fondue dinner and beer included in our night sledding package. Really looking forward to the weekend! Updates when I get home. Happy weekend Blacksburg and NOVA, and family and friends everywhere else. Xoxo

Walking through Morcote at sunset

Nighttime on Lake Lugano for Caroline's birthday

TITO'S PLACE- best club everrrrr! Hello local bald guy

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