Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bongiorno, bongiorno

The sun is finally out!

We left for school bright and early this morning and for the first time had a clear view of Lake Lugano and the spectacular snowcapped mountains surrounding it. Nothing screams "American tourists" louder than a group of twenty girls walking to school together stopping every five minutes to snap pictures.

Today it's Caroline's birthday so after class we went out to eat at the Spaghetti Shop in celebration. 20 Francs for a plate of spaghetti and a water. I learned my lesson and will be carrying a water bottle with me at all times and pack my lunches from now on.. only going out on special occasions like birthdays :) Tonight we're going to celebrate the first birthday on the trip starting with wine at the train tracks.. so European. Andd Brinberg being the wonderful man he is cancelled class tomorrow and replaced it for a hike up San Salvatore in Lugano. It's going to be a beaaautiful hike. So excited about it!

Yesterday we had our first Italian lesson from Julien. We learned phrases such as "you can't touch this" to say to the Italian men we will meet, and simpler phrases to read menus and ask where the bathroom is. Our Italian class starts in about two weeks, but we just learned some of the essentials that will help us out until then.

We went on a run and walked around the lake. I can't wait to rent paddle boats in the spring and explore.  I wish you could all see in person how beautiful Lake Lugano is! After our work out we spontaneously decided to go out and get a drink before dinner, just because we can :) We went to a place called Irish Pub. It was a cute little place (overpriced of course, but cute) and the walk took us to a new part of Lugano. We invited Dr. Brinberg with us on the way out but he politely declined.

For now I'm going to enjoy the beautiful day until the birthday festivities begin! Happy birthday Caroline, and miss you all at home!

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