Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine

Just had dinner at The Montarina's pizzeria with my 42 valentines. The 4 boys on our trip surprised the 38 of us girls with a bottle of wine at each table, a few red candles, and a piece of Toblerone chocolate on each of our plates. It was such a nice surprise! And at the end of dinner our professor Dr. Nakamoto who just arrived in Lugano yesterday gave us each a bar of Swiss chocolate. It was a sweet ending to a very tired day.. we're all still recovering from a whirlwind of an amazing ten days. Dublin, London, and Paris, I loved you all. Loved every one for a different reason.

Ahh, to summarize each city and to try to capture each memory is going to be difficult. There's so much I want to put into words, but it's so hard to recreate the trip in a few paragraphs. I want you to see what I saw, feel how I felt.

Tonight is a night to catch up on homework and sleep and in the morning is another long day of Italian and Marketing Research. But I want to write everything down as soon as I get the chance (and the brain capacity back).

Everyone, I LOVE YOU! Family, I miss you. DW, I miss you. Blacksburg, Alpha Phi girlfriends, I miss you. Wish I could have shared Dublin, London, and Paris with everyone.

Happy Valentine's Day! Eat lots of chocolate, drink a glass of red wine, and girls in Blacksburg hope it's a fun night at El Rod's--xoxo!

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