Thursday, February 3, 2011

Less Stop, More Go

To Do List:

Italian Exam Numero Uno: Check
Consumer Behavior Final Project: Check

See you soon leprachauns, Kate Middleton, and the Eiffel Tower!

We leave tomorrow for Dublin at 7:30AM. Our flight leaves from Milan at 11:40, and we'll be in the capital of Ireland by noon. On our itinerary for Dublin is a Friday tour of the Guinness Factory, a Saturday organized tour of the city and a night out at the lively Temple Bar area, and a Sunday day trip to the countryside of Galway where we'll visit fishing villages, ancient tombs and castles, and the Cliffs of Moher.

In London we're going to do the Royal London Free Tour, see the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and celebrate Tyler's birthday on Monday night. We're hoping to see Wicked on Tuesday night, which I am soo excited for, fingers crossed we can get tickets. We also want to do the "Grim Reaper Tour" at night which takes you to "haunted" areas of London, follows Jack the Ripper's trail, and tells stories of London's darker past. And Uncle John and Dad, of course I want to see Abbey Road!

In Paris we're going to do all of the classic tourist hot spots. The Eiffel Tower (our hostel is only ten minutes away!), the Louvre (students get in free Fridays after 5), Napoleon's Tomb, the Notre Dame, more art museums, and most likely take advantage of another tour.

I can't wait to get to Dublin tomorrow and take on all of these new cities that I have been looking forward to seeing for so long. Most of the time I can't believe that this is really my life. On our walk home from school today Michelle and I stopped at a lookout over Lake Lugano to just stand back and take it in.

So lucky to be here.

Thinking of everyone back at home this late afternoon. I'll be completely unplugged for these next ten days, no computer, no phone, no internet connection. Sometimes I like it that way the best. More enjoying each other's company. More living in the moment. More time for clear thoughts. So if I don't talk to you until next Monday, I hope everyone has a great weekend and week. Missing you at home, but thanking you for this opportunity.

Lots of love and Irish Luck,


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